JCC reported Q1 sales revenue up 57%


JCC reported Q1 sales revenue up 57%

Apr. 17, 2007 (China Knowledge) – Jiangxi Copper Corp. (JCC), China's biggest copper company, reported on Monday that its total sales revenue increased by 57% to RMB 8.5 billion for the first quarter this year.

The company said business operations from January to March this year continued expand steadily with the production quantity for copper cathode totaling 113,800 tons, sulfuric acid at 289,600 tons, gold and silver ingot at 3.35 and 10.3 tons respectively, a tremendous increase over the same period last year, JCC said.

The company's output for copper cathode last year came up to 443,000 tons, sulfuric acid at 1.09 million tons, gold at 13 tons and silver at 353 tons, marking a record sales revenue of RMB 30 billion.

As China’s largest producer of copper cathode, associated gold and silver, JCC owns the biggest open-pit copper mine in the country, Dexing Copper Mine, as well as the most technically advanced copper flash smelting plant, Guixi Smelting Plant.

Jiangxi Copper Co. Ltd., one of the subsidiary companies under JCC, has gone public in Hong Kong, London and Shanghai.





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