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Functional fabrics
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Functional Fabric Series

Teflon Fabric Series 1/2
UV-Cut Fabric Series 1/2
Lamination Fabric Series 1/2
Moisture Wicking Fabrics 1/2
Fire Retardant Fabrics 1/2
Germ Resistant Fabric and Deodorization Fabric
Printing fabric products Series
Oxford Fabric Series
Jacquard fabric production Series
Ski suit fabric Series
Winter clothes functional fabric
Golf Clothing Fabric Series 1/2
Anti-Mite-Fabrics 1/2
Cool-Fabrics / Hot-Fabrics

Textile Fabric Test

Fabric Abrasion Resistance Test
Fabric Water Repellency Test
Water Vapor Permeability Test
Textile Tensile strength Test and Textile Tear strength test
Color Fastness to Washing Test
Fabric Water Pressure Test

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Functional Series:

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Flame Retardant Fabrics | Germ Resistant and Deodorization Fabrics | Printing Series Fabrics
Oxford Series Fabric | Dobby Jacquard Fabrics | Ski Suit Fabric Series | Golf Clothes Fabric
Winter Clothes Functional Fabrics | Anti-Mite Fabrics | Cool-Fabrics and Hot-Fabrics

Using the most advanced nanotechnology, to make Teflon fabric is not only powerful anti-pollution, and softer feel comfortable.
Teflon Waterproof fabric
Teflon fabric refers to the general fabric by DuPont additive treatment, with excellent Waterproof fabric(water repellentfabric,waterproof fabric suppliers,water repellent fabrics,waterproof fabric material,), anti-oil fabric, anti-pollution features, commonly known as "three defenses" and keeping the fabric clean and tidy. According to washable strength, can be divided into ordinary Teflon, super Teflon (Hi-Teflon). Super Teflon could be washing 20 times, you can still reach 90 points, before washing up to 100 points, almost the same as lotus leaf effect.

Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. products are polyester / nylon-wide,fabric tents,outdoor clothing fabric,nylon taffeta fabric,ripstop polyester fabric,waterproof lining fabric,with anti-oil, water, pollution prevention and other features. Is mainly used for work uniforms, they can provide authentic DuPont Teflon tag. Can reach the oil resistant water repellent protective clothing standards, and other testing standards.

Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. products use: most of the fabrics can be chosen to enhance their anti-3 function(Waterproof fabric,water repellent fabric,Oil-water repellent fabric,Teflon Waterproof fabricOil repellent fabric,),Such as raincoats, sportswear, tents, ski equipment such as Teflon three anti-Fabric: flame-retardant fabric, anti-acid-base fabric, anti-oil, according to the water fabric, commonly known as three anti-Fabric; Teflon manufacturer of polyester fabric, Teflon nylon fabric suppliers, Teflon oxford fabric manufacturer, supplier of Teflon printed fabric, jacquard fabrics manufacturer Teflon, Teflon multi-layer composite fabric manufacturers business.

Teflon fabric refers to the general fabric through the use of Dupont's Teflon additives processed fabrics. Compared with ordinary fabric of the fabric and have a more glamorous appearance quality, it will also kind of like the lotus leaf has a great anti-oil, splashing water, anti-stain effect, can effectively prevent oil, water, stains penetrate fiber inner layer, thereby maintain a long-term dry fabrics, clean.
Teflon Waterproof fabric
This fabric can be used in ordinary clothing, jackets, casual wear, down jackets, sleeping bags and so on. Provide DuPont Teflon tag.

Teflon fabric produced three types of anti-protective clothing, suitable for frequent contact with oils, water media workers as a labor protective clothing use. The protective clothing contaminated with oil instead of dipping, but not with water seepage, and to overcome the breathable water repellent and anti-oil conflicts, with good ventilation, breathable performance and comfort.

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