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What is the waterproof breathable fabric? Waterproof breathable fabric works? Waterproof breathable

Published:2010-6-20 11:48:23
Editors: Amyile              [Home]

Waterproof fabrics, breathable fabrics, sound body itself is a contradiction, since the waterproof fabric, and then is sealed, we all know that water is pervasive, then how can it be breathable? In fact, this and the characteristics of the water, we all know, the water surface is a tension of daily life can be found, we Daoshui of when water is often higher than the cup can not flow out a little further, this is the surface tension of water the results of this phenomenon is that water molecules have relatively large molecules only gravity, so that each water molecule closely related to but not as much as possible to separate the water vapor is also a water molecule, but this time between each water molecule is completely independent, and thus will not be so closely linked. Using this feature, laboratory test found that if the hole is small enough, then the state is fully capable of just let the water through steam and not let liquid water through. Using this feature was the invention of waterproof breathable material, is the use of polyester fibers interlaced in fabric material to form multiple tiny holes, the most common GORE-TEX waterproof breathable material, for example, the material principle is not square inch on the distribution of the hundreds of millions of small holes, each hole is the diameter of the smallest drop of liquid two-ten thousandth, while the water vapor than 700 times the minimum state of big, this is the principle of waterproof breathable fabric.
Waterproof breathable fabric is a new type of textile fabric, the composition of the polymer by the waterproof breathable material (PTFE film or TPU film), plus fabrics made of composite material.
Waterproof breathable fabrics main features are: Waterproof, breathable, ventilation, insulation, wind, warmth. Speaking from the production process, waterproof breathable fabric technology requirements of waterproof fabric than the average high of more than; also from the quality point of view, waterproof breathable fabric waterproof fabric which also has other features not characteristic. Waterproof breathable fabrics to enhance fabric air tightness, water tightness at the same time, its unique properties through steam, water vapor can rapidly exhaust the internal structure, to avoid the breeding structure of mold, and keep the human body is always dry, the perfect solution of the breathable and windproof Waterproof, warm and so on, is a healthy new green fabric.
Waterproof breathable composite fabric of English is: Waterproof breathable composite fabric;
Waterproof breathable fabric works:
In the vapor state, water particles are very small, according to the principle of capillary movement can successfully penetrate the capillary to the other side of the phenomenon to occur through the steam. When the water vapor condensing into water droplets, the particles become larger, as drops of water surface tension (water molecules are "pulled counter"), the water molecules from the droplets can not penetrate well to the other side, which is prevented water infiltration occurs, so that films with water vapor through the function.
Note that there are two kinds of waterproof breathable fabric: water-resistant and waterproof, the former was divided fiber / fabric type (no wind, but good ventilation) and through membrane-type (wind, but poor ventilation) two; the latter generally is through the membrane, two or three, wind, two of the more than three layers of soft, breathable Ye Hao, three of the relatively strong. water-resistant or highly water repellent fabric called in when there is pressure to be imposed on the phenomenon of water leakage, for example, such materials, you wear pants when sitting on wet benches.

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