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What is TPU composite fabric? TPU composite fabric of the role and purpose? What is PTFE composite f

Published:2010-5-24 17:55:29
Editors: Amyile              [Home]

2, PTFE composite material / fabric properties of low-friction applications in load area
    As part of some equipment is not appropriate lubrication of friction, such as solvents in the lubricant would be dissolved and the failure of the occasion or the paper, pharmaceutical, food, textile and other industrial products need to avoid oil contamination, making the filled PTFE composite material / fabric materials as lubricating machinery and equipment spare parts (direct to bear load) of the best materials. This is because of the friction coefficient is the lowest known solid materials. Specific uses include equipment for chemical, paper making machinery, agricultural machinery bearings, used as piston rings, machine guide, guide ring; in Civil Engineering is widely used as bridges, tunnels, steel roof, large chemical pipelines, storage slot supporting the slider, and as such bridge bearing and bridge swivel.

3, PTFE composite material / fabric in the application of electrical and electronic
    PTFE composite material / fabric materials, the inherent low loss and dielectric constant so that it can be made small magnet wire for use in micro-motor, thermocouple, control devices; PTFE composite material / fabric is to create film capacitor, radio insulation liner, insulated cables, motors and transformers ideal insulation material, but also aerospace and other industrial electronic components, one of the indispensable materials; use of fluorine oxygen permeability of plastic film on the big and the water vapor permeability of the small kind of selective permeability, can produce oxygen sensor; use of fluorine plastic at high temperature, high pressure occurs very characteristic deviation to the charge, can produce a microphone, speakers, robot parts, etc.; use of the characteristics of its low refractive index can be for making optical fibers.

4, PTFE composite material / fabric in the medical application of medicine
    Expanded PTFE composite material / fabric material is a pure inert, have very strong biological adaptation, does not cause the body’s rejection of the human body has no physiological side effects, can be sterilized by any means, multiple porous structure, which can be used multi-recovery solutions, including those for soft tissue regeneration and artificial blood vessels and patches for the vascular, cardiac, general surgery and orthopedic surgical suture.

5, PTFE composite material / fabric application releasing properties
    PTFE composite material / fabric material has the smallest solid material surface tension, does not adhere to any material, but also has excellent resistance to high and low temperature characteristics, making it non-stick in the manufacture of anti-sticking, such as the application of very extensive. The anti-sticking technology contains two kinds: the PTFE composite material / fabric components or sheet installed on the base, as well as the PTFE composite material / fabric coating or glass composite cloth through the heat shrink and cover the substrate.
    With the continuous development of materials, application technology, PTFE composite fabric / cloth material of the three major shortcomings: cold resistance, hard soldering, hard process of melting is gradually being overcome, making it in the optical, electronic, medical, petrochemical the field of oil seepage and other prospects even brighter.

TPU composite material / fabric and PTFE composite material / fabric of the difference between

Jacket are a lot of composite fabric with PU and TPU / fabric material, the same waterproof and breathable, but in practice outdoor environment with GoreTex used E-PTFE composite material / fabric material is very different.
First, waterproof and breathable fabrics currently on the market three types:
1, high-density fabric: using high-count superfine cotton and synthetic fibers in fact close the fabric, have a higher water vapor permeability, water repellent finished after a certain waterproof. Characterized by high density and good permeability, flexibility and vertical nature is also good, but lower resistance to water pressure (usually less than 1 m), defective rate, dyeing and finishing problems, poor rub resistance of the fold.
2, coating composite material / fabric: hydrophilic coating and can be divided into two kinds of porous coated fabric (TU and TPU). Hydrophilic coating is coated with hydrophilic coating fabric, fabric because coating covers all the gaps, which can be waterproof. If you have a hydrophilic polymer chain gene content and arrangement of the right, then they can with the role of water molecules, through hydrogen bonding and other intermolecular forces, in the high humidity side of the absorbed water molecules by hydrophilic polymer chain gene group passed to the low humidity side of the desorption. Processing of coated fabrics generally simple, which is characterized by permeability of small, little water resistance. As raw materials, process, and this approach has its limitations, it has not been breathability and water resistance, washing the contradictions between.
3, laminated composite fabric: waterproof and breathable laminated fabric and the warmth of sharing the wind, with the obvious technical superiority. It uses the ordinary lamination technology and E-PTFE composite fabric in one, each other, is waterproof and breathable fabric of the main development direction. Currently the United States Al Gore’s GOER-TEX and domestic beyond the bounds of the company’s DENTIK are using E-PTFE (ePTFE membrane).
Second, E-PTFE composite material / fabric and TPU composite material / fabric, PU composite material / fabric of the differences:
The domestic market of outdoor supplies the emergence of some brand of fake, Wei Huo, and some known function with waterproof and breathable clothing though marked GOER-TEX, in fact they are mainly used in PU composite material / fabric and TPU composite fabric / cloth
material. Only those products abroad through informal channels (labeled GOER-TEX) and domestic (labeled DENTIK) products is the use of E-PTFE membrane. 

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