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Functional fabrics
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Functional Fabric Series

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Development of fiber wicking fabric background
In recent years, the comfort of fabric, health, safety and environmental protection have become increasingly demanding and so on, as people increase the time in outdoor activities, casual wear and sportswear mutual penetration and integration of the trend increasingly popular with consumers, this clothing fabrics, both require good comfort, but also enjoy the activities required, once the situation there sweating, skin and clothing will not paste the resulting sense of cold and wet. Then the fiber fabric made of wicking fabrics feature the new requirements.
Moisture Wicking Fabric Series
Natural fibers of cotton, for example, the moisture absorption is good, comfortable, but slightly larger amount of human sweat, the cotton fibers due to moisture expansion, decreased their luck and paste on the skin, while moisture divergence speed slower, thus causing a cold wet feeling the body; synthetic fibers to polyester, for example, its water absorption, moisture permeability is poor, due to accumulation of static electricity generated entanglement prone to wearing the trouble prone, especially in activities sweltering.

Wicking fabric fibers generally have higher specific surface area, a large number of excited hole or trench, a special cross-section is generally different shapes, the use of capillary effect, so that the fiber surface of the skin quickly absorbs moisture and sweat, through the diffusion , passed to the outer layer with hair.

Absorbent fiber
Absorbent wicking material with the characteristics of fibers, the fiber surface, there are many inside and outside the porous or fiber communication gap and groove, making the water easy access to fiber, the same time, along the fiber axis direction of the groove a lot of tubular or capillary, to provide access for the migration of water, so a good absorbent fibers. After the water phase did not occur as a result of the phenomenon of water absorption and swelling.Moisture Wicking Fabric Series

Because PET is a highly crystalline fibers. Main chain is not hydrophilic groups, so was hydrophobic, moisture wicking poor. Therefore, wear breathable clothing the poor, being sweltering. Accumulation of static electricity have caused troubles easily. Throughout the development of wicking polyester. Mainly through the physical and chemical modification, or a combination method of implementation.

Special profiled fiber
Wicking fabrics commonly used in specifications: fiber: 1.4D * 38mm, filament-type: 50D/72F, 100D/144F, 150D/144F, 75D/72F, 75D/48F, 75D/36F, 100D/72F, 100D/48F , 150D/96F, 150D/48F etc.; Yarn: 16S / 1,20 S / 1,30 S / 1,, 32S, 40S, 50S, 60S and so on.

Wicking fabric fibers woven into the fabric due to have a light, moisture, drying, cool, comfortable, easy to clean, free ironing, and other fine features, and is widely used in sportswear, outdoor, travel and leisure clothing, underwear and other fields by consumers like.

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