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Functional fabrics
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Functional Fabric Series

Teflon Fabric Series 1/2
UV-Cut Fabric Series 1/2
Lamination Fabric Series 1/2
Moisture Wicking Fabrics 1/2
Fire Retardant Fabrics 1/2
Germ Resistant Fabric and Deodorization Fabric
Printing fabric products Series
Oxford Fabric Series
Jacquard fabric production Series
Ski suit fabric Series
Winter clothes functional fabric
Golf Clothing Fabric Series 1/2
Anti-Mite-Fabrics 1/2
Cool-Fabrics / Hot-Fabrics

Textile Fabric Test

Fabric Abrasion Resistance Test
Fabric Water Repellency Test
Water Vapor Permeability Test
Textile Tensile strength Test and Textile Tear strength test
Color Fastness to Washing Test
Fabric Water Pressure Test

Textile Testing Standards:

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Abrasion Resistance Testing | Water Repellency Testing | Water Vapor Permeability Testing
Tensile Strength Testing | Color Fastness to Washing Testing | Water Pressure Testing
Textile Tensile strength Testing and Textile Tear strength testing

Tensile strength: tensile strength means the material under tensile stress in the largest deformation of homogeneous material stress.
Tensile strength of textile testing methods are: 1 inch grasp like law, like law in Article 2 inches, 1 inch sample method, elongation at break,
Textile Tensile strength Testing and Textile Tear strength testing
Material tensile strength is the maximum uniform plastic deformation of the stress.
(1) In the tensile test, the specimen until fracture suffered the biggest so far is the tensile strength of tensile stress and the results expressed in MPa. Some call it the wrong tensile strength, tensile strength and so on.
(2) instruments like the tensile strength tests can be obtained tensile fracture stress, the tensile yield stress, elongation at break data.
(3) the calculation of tensile strength:
σt for tensile strength (MPa); p for the peak load (N); b for the specimen width (mm); d is the sample thickness (mm).
Note: the area used in the calculation is the fault of the original oral-like cross-sectional area, rather than the port cross-sectional area after fracture.
Test standards: ISO9078.18; GB/T3923.2; ISO1394.2; EN ISO13934.2; AS2001.2.3.2;

Tear strength is a measure of physical strength of textile products an important indicator of national standards in the clothing of the different scope of tear strength have different requirements.

Test Objective: To tear strength fabric is used to evaluate the course in the use of resistance along the direction of cracks or damage the ability to tear.

Principle: The sample size of the provisions of incision, the incision were fixed at both ends of the two test instruments in the clamp to the manner provided in the direction of tear samples along the incision, made converted into reactive force.
Test standards: ISO 13937-1; ASTM D1424; ASTM D5734; GB / T 3917.1;
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