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Functional fabrics
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What is a coated fabric? What is a nylon / polyester coated fabrics? Coated fabric types and the rol

Published:2010-7-4 19:28:42
Editors: Amyile              [Home]

Simply put, the so-called coated fabric is a fabric treated with a special craft or fabric.

Mainly on the basis of the fabric coated with a special process layer materials with special functions, the fabric added special features.
So, also known as functional coating fabrics or fabric.

Coated fabrics Category:

According to the different coating materials, there are PVC coated fabric, PU coated fabrics and semi-PU coating fabric three categories.

According to the different coating process, but also silky leather lining, brushed fabric, anti-leather fabric, fabric etc wrinkle leather children.

Also according to functions, features classification. Such as: painting plastic fabrics, PVC coated fabric, silver fabric, calendering fabrics, flame retardant fabrics, PA breathable fabrics, PU breathable fabric and so transparent. Special coated fabrics: rubber coated feeling, a sense of processing paper, waterproof breathability, Pearl series, oil wax coating sense, PU gold plastic silver plastic, high resistance to water pressure range (up to 1000 --- 10000), UV- CUT UV processing, etc..

Fabric coating process principle

In fact, this principle is very simple, but the operation is the key!

Is the use of solvents (usually present fabric factory is toluene or methyl ethyl ketone) to the required coating particles (with PU glue, A / C plastic, PVC, PE plastic) and other dissolved into a drooling like (related to plastic materials and sol ratio, viscosity, etc.) and then in a uniform way scraper coated fabric (cotton, polyester, nylon and other substrates), and then through the oven temperature of fixation, so that the fabric surface to form a uniform layer of rubber covering to achieve the waterproof, windproof, vapor permeability and other functions!

After coating the fabric or fabric yarn side will generally be higher crack upgrade, the fabric through the coating fabric used in down coat, ski suit fabric, working protective clothing fabrics, outdoor sports wear fabrics!
As for the manufacturing process, it depends on what you are to physical requirements, what kind of function, what kind of material it!
The solvent normally is my main, and then select the compound and then dissolving, mixing, coating, fixation!
Added: landlord said roller I do not quite understand, perhaps it is called not the same, if it is pure glue case, said scraper means on only a combination of steel and the roller; but the glue surface if the request a pattern of pressure on the need for a process, we should have a pattern of the rollers of the above!

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