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What is satin jacquard and jacquard fabrics? Satin jacquard process characteristics? What is yarn-dy

Published:2010-6-20 11:56:35
Editors: Amyile              [Home]

What is a satin jacquard fabrics and jacquard fabrics?
Satin fabric satin fabric has become is a more complex kind. Process in the textile warp and weft interlacing lines formed ride cause. Warp and weft woven twill also less than the number of independent and mutually continuous, can not see the intersection, with a long warp / weft cover the surface of the fabric, a organization for at least five full longitude and latitude.
Satin jacquard fabric Features:
Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd production of satin jacquard fabric soft and delicate, smooth auto-level, full of glossy, looks like silk, more comfortable and the softest touch than plain weave and twill fabrics are thick, strong wear resistance. High-end jacquard fabrics, embroidered fabrics class suite of such material is often used, noble and elegant color, with beautiful patterns and exquisite embroidery embodies the perfect high quality bedding.
What is a jacquard fabric / cloth?
Jacquard fabric manufacturing process complicated. Warp and weft interwoven ups and downs, the formation of different patterns, there are convex, multi-weave flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and beasts and other beautiful patterns. Features: soft, delicate, slippery unique texture and good gloss, good drape and breathability and color fastness (Yarn Dyeing). Jacquard fabric range is large and beautiful patterns, colors layered three-dimensional sense.
Printed fabric is the fabric weaves, the patterns and then printed up, with activity generally printed fabrics printed fabrics and divided. Embroidered fabric is the fabric weaves, the pattern is to use the machine (generally) embroidery up to, and print contrast, washing will not fade. Breathability and good moisture absorption characteristics. Jacquard fabric is a fabric pattern that In weaving, the yarns of different colors with different colors together, compared with embroidered fabrics, the cost of higher cost, quality, breathable performance is better..
What is a twill fabric?
Twill fabric in the textile process in the warp and weft cross ride caused by the formation of lines, tissue is continuous diagonal lines into the. The number of warp and weft weaving up and down less than the plain weave, yarn arranged more closely than the thick fabric so close, but clear the protruding front twill way to handle than plain soft and smooth, has good gloss. With the difference between positive and negative, the float is longer, the bending is small and heavy fabrics, more wearable; price higher than the plain.
Jacquard twill fabric washing / cleaning method:
Water temperature below 30 degrees below, the opposite cleaning, drying.
The center of detergent into the water after its integration with water and then into the washing articles, for not more than 30 minutes. Negative dry, not exposure. There will be normal washing dark fabric floating color phenomenon is normal and not fade, wash separately, please note.

What is a satin jacquard fabric
"Satin jacquard fabric" of knowledge. Satin jacquard fabric of English satin jacquard fabric, jacquard fabric excellent English Exquisite jacquard fabrics
First of all we have to understand three concepts: plain fabric, twill fabric, satin fabric.
What is a plain weave fabric fabric:
With a plain weave fabric woven plain weave fabric called. Is the warp and weft yarn to weaving once every one (that yarn is 1 on 1 under). This fabric is characterized by interwoven with many points, texture fastness, Tinggua, surface smooth, high-grade plain weave fabric embroidered fabric are generally.

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