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What is TPU composite fabric? TPU composite fabric of the role and purpose? What is PTFE composite f

Published:2010-5-24 17:54:05
Editors: Amyile              [Home]

What is TPU composite material / fabric?
TPU composite material / fabric name for thermoplastic elastomer rubber, this material can be softened under a certain heat, and in room temperature can be maintained. With the shoes on the role of supporting more than stable.
TPU composite fabric / cloth (Thermoplastic polyurethanes): thermoplastic elastomer rubber. A way to repeatedly under certain heat softened plastic material or change, while at room temperature, it can keep the shape unchanged. Can play a supporting, protecting
role. in the shoe bottom (not necessarily, many will be used)

TPU composite material / fabric of the main features
TPU composite material / fabric of the key features are:
Hardness of a wide range: by changing TPU composite fabric / cloth ratio of each reaction component, can be products of different hardness, and along with the increase of hardness, its products still maintain good flexibility and wear resistance.

High mechanical strength: TPU composite material / fabric products, carrying capacity, impact resistance and outstanding shock absorption properties.
Cold highlighted: TPU composite material / fabric of the glass transition temperature is lower, at minus 35 degrees still maintain good flexibility, flexibility and other physical properties.
Processing performance is good: TPU composite material / fabric can be used thermoplastic materials common processing method for processing, as injection molding, extrusion, rolling, etc.. Meanwhile, TPU composite fabric / cloth and some common polymer processing performance can be complementary polymer alloy.

Oil, water, mildew-resistant. Recycling is good.

TPU composite material / fabric of the main purposes
All kinds of TPU composite material / fabric molded use:
Automotive ball coupling; dust cover; pedal brake; lock firing pin; bush
Spring bush; bearing; shock components; internal and external decorations; snow chains, etc.
• a variety of mechanical components for industrial gears; seals (mainly from the role of wear and oil); shock components; access mode pin; bush; bearing cap category; connector; rubber sieve; printing roller shoulder bra and other clothing accessories, Ms. belt, elastic and other Apparel. Footwear softball shoes, baseball shoes, golf shoes, soccer shoes, shoe soles and forefoot
Ms. heel; boots; safety boots, high shoes and other
Since the bit round; hand; strap, etc. • hose pipe pressure pipe; medical tube; hydraulic pipe; pressure pipe; fuel; coated pipe duct; fire hose, etc. • Sheet film
Rotational band (with some stretching effect); cushion; patch; keyboard plate; compound cloth and other wire communications cable • Power cable; computer wiring; vehicle wiring; exploration cables and other
Various ring pipeline; circular band; V-belt; belt; skid tank with other calendar software, cans; film composite sheet fabric bags blowing all kinds of vehicles such as boxes; all kinds of container blown class thin, wide film (medical, hygiene)
Solution welding materials; adhesive; artificial leather, synthetic leather, rope, wire, gloves and other TPU thermoplastic polyurethane coating, a polyester and polyether type of points, it is wide range of hardness (60HA-85HD), wear oil, transparency, flexibility, and in the daily necessities, sporting goods, toys, decorative materials are widely used in the field, non-halogen flame retardant TPU soft PVC can be replaced to meet the growing field of environmental protection requirements. TPU grades of many brand, quality uneven, the best choice when TPU careful assessment of arguments, or can not be cost-optimal results.
TPU composite material / fabric of this material can be softened under a certain heat, and in room temperature can be maintained. With more than stability in the shoes, the role of support. TPU composite material / fabric, also known as polyurethane rubber, is A polyurethane, more at home when the new products, widely used in shoe-making industry, pipes ... and so on.

What is a PTFE composite material / fabric?
     Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) composite material / fabric with excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance and chemical stability, good electrical insulation properties, non-adhesion, weather resistance, flame resistance and good self lubricating, in chemical, petroleum, textiles, electrical and electronic, medical, machinery and other fields has been applied widely.

    In the fluorine plastic PTFE (PTFE) composite material / fabric consumption the most, the most widely used, is an important fluorine plastic varieties. Composite PTFE fabric / cloth has excellent high and low temperature performance and chemical stability, good electrical insulation properties, non-adhesive, weather resistance, flame resistance and good self-lubrication, the "Plastic King" reputation . The material was first to the needs of national defense and cutting-edge technology development, and then gradually extended to the civil, aerospace and its use involves many aspects of civilian use, now in its applications have become indispensable materials.

PTFE composite material / fabric performance characteristics
    PTFE composite material / fabric is formed by the polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene monomer polymer, a similar transparent or opaque PE wax, its density is 2.2g/cm3, water absorption of less than 0.01%. Its chemical structure similar to PE, but all the hydrogen atoms in polyethylene are replaced by fluorine atoms. As the CF bond can be high, stable performance, hence its excellent chemical resistance, can bear in addition to molten alkali metals, fluoride medium, and higher than 300
of the sodium hydroxide addition to all the strong acids (including aqua regia), and strong oxidants, reducing agents and the role of various organic solvents; PTFE composite material / fabric elements in the F atom symmetry, CF Two key elements to covalent bonding, molecular electronics is not free, so that the molecules were in , therefore it has excellent dielectric properties, and its electrical insulation from the environment and frequency. Its volume resistivity greater than 1017 health  m, dielectric loss, breakdown voltage, high arc resistance, good electrical in 250 under a long-term work; for PTFE compound material / fabric is not the molecular structure of hydrogen bonds , structural symmetry, its high crystallinity (crystallinity 55% General 75%, sometimes up to 94%), so that PTFE composite material / fabric excellent heat resistance, the melting temperature of 324 , decomposition temperature to 415 , the highest temperature was 250 , brittle temperature of -190 , heat distortion temperature (0.46MPa conditions) to 120 . PTFE composite material / fabric good mechanical properties, tensile strength of 21 ~ 28MPa, bending strength of 11 ~ 14MPa, elongation rate of 250% ~ 300%, the static friction coefficient of steel are 0.04, compared with nylon, POM, PET plastic, a small friction coefficient

PTFE composite material / fabric uses

   PTFE composite material / fabric properties make it unique in the chemical, petroleum, textile, food, paper, medicine, electronics and machinery industries and marine operations are widely used in the field.

1, PTFE composite material / fabric anti-corrosion applications
    As rubber, glass, metal alloys and other materials, there deficiencies in the corrosion-resistant, difficult to meet the harsh conditions of temperature, pressure and chemical environment of media co-exist, the resulting loss is alarming. And PTFE composite fabric / cloth material with its excellent corrosion resistance, has become the petroleum, chemical, textile and other industries the main anti-corrosion material. The specific applications include: corrosive gas pipeline transmission, exhaust pipes, steam pipes, rolling mill high-pressure tubing, aircraft hydraulic system and the cold low pressure system in the high school pipeline, distillation columns, heat exchangers, tank, tower, tank lining, valves and chemical equipment.
    The performance of good and bad seals on the machinery and equipment, the efficiency and performance are greatly affected. PTFE material has resistance to corrosion, anti-aging, low friction coefficient and non-sticky, wide temperature range and elastic features makes it suitable for manufacture of corrosion resistant high requirements, temperature over 100
seals. Such as machinery, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, large diameter vessels, valves, pump seals flange trough, glass Fanyingguo, flange, large diameter flange seals, shaft, piston, valve Rod, Worm pumps, rod seals, etc..

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