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What is the luggage fabric? Luggage fabric body of knowledge! Role and use of fabric bag for that? P

Published:2010-5-17 12:46:47
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What is the luggage fabric? Luggage fabric body of knowledge! Role and use of fabric bag for that? Polyester, Nylon Oxford body of knowledge
1. Suitcase polyester fabric --- ---- polyester fibers (polyester, nylon oxford fabric)
Also known POLYESTER, characterized by good permeability and humidity and sexual. There are strong acid alkaline, anti-ultraviolet capability.
2. Luggage fabric --- --- spandex stretch nylon (polyester, nylon oxford fabric)
Also known as SPANDEX, the advantage of high flexibility and high scalability and good resilience. 2% of the general use of the fabric can be improved sense of movement, there is a sense of security type of drape. Weakness is the weak anti-alkaline; case of chlorine or ultraviolet irradiation easy to turn yellow and brittle. Poor heat resistance. Often used as auxiliary materials and other materials blended together. More well-known material with the United States DUPON of LYCRA, Germany Bayer (Bayer) and "Dorlastan"; Japan Ak (Asahi Kasei) of "Roica"
3. Nylon bags --- --- nylon fabrics (polyester, nylon oxford fabrics)
Also known as Nylon, polyamide fiber. Advantages of high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance and good resistance to deformation, anti-aging properties. Drawback is that hard feeling. There are more famous PERTEX, CORDURA
Fiber materials related indicators:
D: Dan Neil, refers to a kind of textile fibers for measuring the density of the units shown in grams per 9,000 meters, the weight of fiber (ie, the lower the denier, finer the fiber). Formula D = G / L * 9000. The weight of the fiber / fiber length * 9000. Common in backpack fabric material strength index. General popular 450D, 500D. Higher than the 500D material generally used for easy wear parts. If the bottom of the backpack.
T: Turks, referred to as "special", a measure of the textile fiber density for the unit. It is 1,000 meters long fiber or yarn when in the officially sanctioned weight regain grams. Formula T = G / L * 1000. The weight of the fiber / fiber length * 1000.
TX = treatment after To reduce anti-rip RS = P = N = nylon polyester
TXN 1000 Polyester, Nylon Oxford fabric: very tough wear-resistant fabrics and fabrics, used in special backpacks and large backpacks climbing more prone to some friction.
TXN 500 polyester, nylon oxford fabrics: use the tight organization of the nylon fibers of the cloth and fabric, used in mountain hiking and light weight type of backpack.
RSN 500 GRID polyester, nylon oxford fabrics: TXN 500 will join the black anti-rip fabric fibers, woven fabrics and mixed fabrics.
RSN 500 polyester, nylon oxford fabrics: nylon fiber woven material, made of tissue similar to anti-rip fabric and lining.
TXP 900 polyester, nylon oxford fabrics: use 900 denier fabric made of polyester fibers and fabrics, used in the hiking backpack and small bag in place easier wear.

TXP 600 polyester, nylon oxford fabrics: polyester fabrics used for many years and fabrics, with excellent feel and quality.
RSP 600 polyester, nylon oxford fabrics: from TXP 600 improvement over, with anti-tear of the fibrous tissue.
SRN 420 polyester, nylon oxford fabrics: a small area of nylon fiber cloth and fabrics, with anti-rip the role of technology use in the backpacks to increase above the strength of fabric and the weight down.
SRN 210 polyester, nylon oxford fabrics: a small area of nylon fiber cloth and fabric, with anti-tear effect, used in medium and large backpacks in order to achieve the weight down effect.
MNP420 polyester, nylon oxford fabrics: fabrics and fabrics of such fibers appear to have a metallic texture.
1680 NYLON polyester, nylon oxford fabrics: such a tough fabric often used in the bag on.
The fabric used in bags and fabric materials are Nylon and Poly two, and occasionally mixed with two kinds of materials used. Nylon is Nylon, Poly is polyethylene, these two materials were extracted from the oil out, Nylon Poly better than the quality better. Speaking from the fabric, Nylon softer feel certain. For example: N.1000D CORDURA, that is a 1000D nylon CORDURA, is a material degree + + fiber textile methods.
D is the denier of the abbreviation. The Denier is a unit of measurement fiber. Method is: for every 9,000 meters of line weight 1 gram referred to as Denier. (That is, the lower the denier, the thinner fibers). Formula D = G / L × 9000. Therefore, D in front of the number of smaller, its line on the fine, the density also smaller. For example 210D of the material, especially fine lines, generally as a package or compartment lining. The 900D or 1000D of the material lines thick, too thick line, it is resistant is generally used as a guarantee.
Backpack that often appear in some cloth and fabric are:
Dupont nylon fabric and cloth (CORDURA)
DuPont invented by a cloth and fabric, with light, quick-drying, soft, durable and strong function, prolonged use of color is not easy. Such material is said to occur in the perspective of two different colors, in addition to DuPont’s other people do not know how to produce such material. Nylon woven into general use, to fiber degrees (Denier) as the intensity standard, there are 160D, 210D, 330D, 420D, 600D, 900D, 1000D, etc. The higher the number the more solid, lines the more rough. General 160D to 210D used in clothing or used for general outdoor package lining. This material negative coated, general moderate rain will not wet the material.
Oxford nylon fabric and cloth (OXFORD)
Oxford cloth and fabric warp is formed by the two organizations share wound, while the weft is also used relatively thick line. The textile-and-down method is very general way the textile. Generally 210D, 420D of the material. Negative coated. Lining for the package or compartment.
Dupont nylon fabric and cloth simulation (KODRA)
KODRA is a South Korean production of cloth and fabric. To a certain extent it can replace CORDURA. It is said the original inventor of this fabric is to work out how CORDURA spun, and finally there is no research out, but invented a new fabric and fabric, which is KODRA. This fabric is generally woven with Nylon is the fiber degree of intensity standards, such as 600D, 1000D. Reverse side is coated, and CORDURA almost.
High density nylon fabric and cloth (HD)
HD is short for High Density, High-density mean. Look similar fabrics and OXFORD. Generally 210D, 420D, often used as a package or compartment lining. Reverse side coated.
Laminated nylon fabric and cloth (R / S)
R / S is a Rip stop short. This fabric and fabric that only a small square of nylon children. It’s toughness stronger than nylon, fabric outside the box is a little rough line. The middle of a very fine grid lines weave. Generally have 300D, 330D, 450D, etc., can be used as the main ingredient backpack, such as Omo, and other parts outside the pocket. Reverse side coated.
Tyi nylon fabric and cloth (Dobby)
Dobby fabrics seem to have a lot of very small lattice composition, but look closely will find that it is a coarse weave a fine of two lines, both positive and negative patterns are different. Rarely coating. CORDURA much worse than strength, generally used in casual or short bag on bag. Do not pack on the mountain.
Super nylon fabric and cloth (VELOCITY)
VELOCITY is also a nylon cloth and fabric. Very high levels. Generally used in mountaineering bag on. Coated fabrics and fabrics negative. A 420D or higher intensity. Fabric and fabric face looks like Dobby.
Waterproof nylon fabric and cloth (TAFFETA)
TAFFETA is a thin, coated fabrics and fabrics, and some coated more than once, so waterproof is better. Generally do not do the main fabric and fabric backpack, only do raincoat, or backpack rain cover.
Polyethylene laminated fabric and fabric (Poly PU)
Generally replaced with Poly. Poly density is generally 64t (low), 74t (middle), 82t (H). Fabric 150D to 1800D strength from growing. General strength for the 600D of the climbing package can be used as the bottom package, but it’s way better than CORDURA textile firm.
Space Network (AIR MESH)
General Chinese have called it the Space Network, a general network with different. Its network of surface and the following material has a gap, typically 3mm or larger. The gap is the one it has good ventilation performance, it is commonly used as a strap or the back or other parts of the body closely.
There are many specifications of the general net, nylon net are generally only used in the package on both sides of the package as a junk pocket or water pocket.

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