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What is a textile fabric? Classification of textile fabric? What is the color billet? What is a blea

Published:2010-3-2 17:37:58
Editors: Amyile              [Home]

After the fabric is not woven into the fabric through the dyeing process, but also has not done pre-treatment, dyeing / printing, finishing of the cloth.

Industry once again refers to the fabric or cloth fabric, or laminated fabric or a fabric, the fabric glue or fabric, and so on
To distinguish between the fabric, but also to distinguish between what a few concepts:
Rayon fabric: that is, without staining or other finishing or processing of cloth weaving down. Rayon premise is, of course, is pure viscose blend in rather than.
Yarn-dyed: yarn ran a good color after a certain pattern in accordance with the design of these with the colors of yarn woven into the fabric is yarn-dyed fabric. Yarn dyeing - weaving - finishing. Is characterized by relatively good color fastness. Flower-rich.
Dyed fabric: No dyed into the fabric Weft color after dyeing and finishing of the fabric after the dyeing is finished. If the cost of similar products should be lower than the Yarn-dyed. Yarn-dyed color fastness, but worse than some.
According to whether the coloring materials can be divided into gray: white fabric, without bleaching the fabric made of raw materials processed; yarn-dyed fabric, the dyeing and finishing line after the raw materials or processed made of fancy fabric.
Press yarn into fabric materials can be: pure textile fabric to form the fabric of the raw materials have to use the same kind of fiber fabric; mixed textile fabric will be two or more fibers, formed by the blended yarn fabric made of ; mixed and woven fabric, the two kinds of fiber yarn, formed by amalgamating the stock lines made of fabric; woven fabric to form the fabric material system, respectively, in both directions with different yarn.
Many different kinds of fabric, the general processing methods can be divided into the fabric: woven fabric, arranged by mutual vertical yarns, in the loom on the basis of certain laws made of woven fabrics; knitted fabric, woven from the yarn into a circle formed by The fabric is divided into weft and warp knitting; non-woven fabric, the loose fibers made by bonding or stitching.
Bleached fabric: Yes, there are dyed bleached billet billet, which is based on customer need to do post-processing carried out in different categories, followed by staining of the fabric is dyed to do blank, but doing the back of the fabric is bleach bleach blanks.

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