Product Name: soft shell fabric manufacturers SP156-11
Category: Windproof Waterproof Breathable Laminating Fabric
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Windproof Waterproof Breathable Laminating Fabric soft shell fabric


Windproof Waterproof Breathable Laminating Fabric of the role and purpose:

This fabric has a high wind, high water, breathability, warmth, anti-aging, anti-freeze, abrasion. And other functions. So to keep your body dry and comfortable long.

Mainly used for jacket, ski suit clothing, outdoor leisure clothing, jackets, sports and leisure clothing, special clothing, medical care, and national defense military industry, ski suit fabric, climbing fabric, winter fabric, special fabric, high-end outdoor clothing, sporting goods, military apparel, aerospace, medical field, fire protection and other industries.

Three composite fabric is a high functional fabrics, with warm wind, abrasion, high water and high vapor permeability, breathability, resistance to acid and other effects.

Particular features waterproof breathable TPU, PTFE composite fabrics, as compared with ordinary water vapor permeability in terms of fabric more soft, peeling fastness strong, tear resistant and many other advantages.

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