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NO. :        DE-31

Name:       300T Three-color Checked Memory

Specication :  75D*75D

Composition : 100% Polyester

Gram/SM :   124G/SM

Width :       57/58 INCH

Color :       Rose-Red bLood red White

Finish :       Yarn Dye

Scope of Application: Ready-made clothes fabrics, jacket clothes fabrics, leisurewear clothes fabrics, down clothes fabrics, Golf clothes fabrics, sportswear  fabrics, wedding clothes fabrics, special clothes fabrics (soldier uniform, police uniform, traffic uniform , and other uniforms for special industries),pyjama clothes fabrics, raincoat fabrics, parasol fabrics, umbrella fabrics, tent fabrics, sleeping bag fabrics, car cover fabrics, luggage fabrics, bedspread fabrics, quilt cover fabrics, desk cover fabrics, shoe &hat fabrics, glove fabrics, curtain fabrics and etc fabrics.

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